For curly textures: shampoo once every two weeks.

Co-wash curly hair three-four times a week. Let air dry and in the morning add 

curl activator, conditioner,  curl moisturizer  or curl pudding to hair and brush hair with a paddle brush then let air dry.


We recommend that you shampoo your bundles before installing them for best results.

Use Bed Head shampoo and conditioner (red bottle) for straight and loose body wave and straight hair only.


Shampoo straight hair once every two weeks.(once a week if you work out or put product on the hair daily, product buildup can weigh the hair down and take away the natural luster and movement of the hair.


We highly recommend letting your straight bundles air dry vs. using a blow dryer which can eventually dry the hair out over time.

Please keep in mind that textured hair is more maintenance. It is vital that you upkeep the hair and take care of it like its your own for best results and long-lasting results.



1.Lustrasilk (can be found in beauty supply store or amazon

2. Organix white bottles ( can be found in walmart)

Be sure to always moistuize curly/wavy hair daily.


Use Garnier Fructis Heat protectant for heat required styles.

Use Creme of nature Sheen for shine and eliminating frizz. 


1. Bed Head (red bottle) can be found on Amazon or in Smart style.

Never use shampoos or products that contain Sulfate. This agent dries out the hair.


Before installs

Remember to always shampoo and condition your bundles before installing them. Use Bed Head shampoo and conditioner in the red bottle. afterwards , towel blot the hair in an up and down movement to help define the waves and dry the hair at the same time. after you have removed majority of the water from hair, add a quarter size amount of the conditioner back to the hair and brush thoroughly. then let hair air dry. Keep in mind this texture can be straightened as well, but before putting any heat to this hair please be sure to shampoo and condition the hair removing any product or buildup from the hair.

Getting your hair silky straight

For best results, always shampoo and condition the hair before installing. Let the hair dry completely. After the hair has dried, turn your flat iron on high , take small sections of hair (do not add any products to hair) and slowly flat iron through each section. afterwards , add just a little creme of nature hair spray to eliminate any type of frizz. Please remember to have a silky look the hair must be clean and free of any products

How to define curls on curly hair

Todefine your curls on your curly textured weave, always shampoo and condition the hair befor installing. While the hair is still wet, add either conditioner, curl custard or some type of curl definer to the hair and brush it through . let the hair air dry. Daily when you wake up in the mornings you should spray the hair down with water and repeat these steps to keep the curls defined.

Nightly routine

Remember to always sleep with your weave in a satin bonnet NEver sleep on your extensions