Founded in 2014 by Owner, Ja'colbia( ling) williams-jones , laidbyling has built a reputation of being some of the most dependable and purest virgin hair on the market ! 

Our owner has grown such a love for hair extensions over the years that she had to share it with all of her clients. Ja'colbia began her love for hair at the age of 16 when she enrolled into cosmetology while attending high school. When she graduated high school, she then began doing sew ins learning different techniques from various "youtubers" . that is when her love for weave started. 


     Ja'colbia says " its more than just buying a bunch of bundles from Aliexpress and re-distributing them . It took me months , on months, on months to do my research, it took thousands of dollars out of my pocket to keep investing until i found the perfect extensions that i knew my clients would love. every time i would do my hair, people would ask, where'd you get that hair from?' so i thought to myself , it would be nice to just say ..."oh girl i sale this hair , you can buy it form me. and that's when it all began"


almost five years later, our company is still standing strong! We take pride in giving every customer exactly what they paid for . Buying hair extensions can definitely be an investment, but it definitely is worth it when you're shopping with us! with proper maintenance, our bundles can last 2-3 years ! we value each and every customer and we want you all to know we definitely appreciate your love and support thus far!!